Company Registration and GST services

Company Registration & GST Services
We have special team of accounts and tax professionals can help you get all the GST work paper done. We will also help you on getting your Private limited company on paper.

Company Registration

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Asset Protection for Directors

Startups often borrow money and take credit, but in a normal partnership, partners’ personal savings and property are at risk if the business fails to repay its loans. However, in a private limited company, only the investment in the business is lost, and the directors’ personal assets are protected.

Easy to raise funds and loans

In compared to LLPs and OPCs, a Pvt. Ltd. firm has more possibilities for raising capital via bank loans, Angel Investors, and Venture Capitalists.

Better Market Reputation

A private limited corporation is a well-known and popular business structure. Customers, vendors, and government agencies prefer to conduct business with private limited companies rather than sole proprietorships or traditional partnerships.

Easy to sell

A private limited company can be easily sold with minimal documentation and low costs associated with the selling process.

Easy to attract employees

Putting together a team and maintaining them for a long time is difficult for startups. However, because to the confidence associated to a private limited structure, it is easier to employ individuals and incentivize them with corporate titles and stock options.

Favorite business structure for investors

Investors like to invest in Private Limited firms because they are well-structured and have fewer strings attached. Most importantly, it is relatively simple to dissolve a private limited business.

Minimum Requirements Of Company Registration

Company Registration and GST services

Our Company Registration and GST Service Include:

A business with a turnover of at least Rs. 20 lakh is required to register for GST under the Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017.

Company Registration and GST services

We assist startups and well established companies in GST registration and GST returns, Private Limited company registration, sole proprietorship registration, Limited Liability Company (LLC) Registration, One person company Registration, Public company registration And all types of CA and legal services related to company and its subsidiaries.

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FAQs Related to Companies Registration

Shareholders’ capital is their investment in the firm. The authorised capital is the maximum quantity of shares that a corporation may issue. This capital is specified at the company’s establishment and is used to calculate ROC registration costs and stamp duty. Paid-up capital is the real investment made by shareholders into the company’s bank account in exchange for a share certificate.

Yes, the company’s office address may be changed at any time after formation.

No, once the business is founded, it is valid until the owners formally shut it down. There is no need for renewal or payment. Companies must, however, submit basic returns with the ROC office once a year.

No, Conbech offers a totally online business formation service. Startupwala handles all legal papers and ROC visits.

Commercial office space is not necessary. You may use your own personal or leased home address as the Company’s registered office address. This office address may be changed at any time after the business is formed.

The Registrar of Companies (ROC) is a government institution that registers businesses. Except for Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, which each have two ROC offices, each state has one.

A digital signature is an electronic signature in the form of codes that is used to sign electronic paperwork submitted with the ROC for the Company’s formation. Physical papers cannot employ digital signatures.

A Director Identifying Number (DIN) is a one-of-a-kind identification number necessary for a person to become a corporate director. The DIN is identical to a PAN Card number and is issued by the ROC office (Ministry of Corporate Affairs). When a person is appointed as a director of a firm, the DIN must be specified in paperwork.

A business name search determines if the proposed company name matches any existing firms or trademarks. This search is critical for new business registration since the company name is an essential aspect of the registration procedure and must be distinctive.

MOA is an abbreviation for Memorandum of Association, whereas AOA is an abbreviation for Articles of Association. These are the bylaws or guidelines that govern essential topics such as the company’s core operations or meetings. These are common legal papers generated by Company Secretaries during the Company’s registration.

Simple documentation such as pictures, PAN cards, and one address proof for the directors are required to establish a Pvt. Ltd. firm in India. You may input your information and begin the procedure for additional information.

No, after the business has been registered, it must create a corporate bank account. The capital may be placed into the business bank account within two months after establishment.

No, a Private Limited company is one of the business structures that may be established from the ground up. Even after forming a Private Limited Firm, there is no need that the company have sales or turnover.

It is not possible to apply automatically. GST and PF are applicable to all types of businesses, including sole proprietorships, partnership companies, and corporations. These rules take effect only once specific criteria are met.

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